About Us

Who we are

Established in 2014, Coast Wrestling Academy is British Columbia’s only professionally organized training academy for competitive youth wrestling.  CW Academy has designed a athletic Development Framework proven to establish fundamental technical skill and tactical awareness in young players and to foster wrestlers’ development at every phase. 

Since its inception, Coast Wrestling Academy has aspired to raise the level of competitive youth wrestling in Canada.  We set ourselves apart by focusing on individual development rather than building teams or retaining numbers and winning competitions.  Each of our coaches have wrestled at a high level, whether collegiately, professionally or internationally.  Our coaches are able to identify the specific needs of each individual youth and, through the Academy infrastructure, create training environments that are challenging, rewarding, and most importantly, inspiring.

What sets us apart from the rest?

 Coast Wrestling Academy gives wrestlers the knowledge and confidence to make their own decisions. Many other wrestling programs continue to teach wrestlers to wrestle “set and shoot” (grab a hold of the person in a set position, shoot and hope get a hold of something and get a takedown) because they emphasize winning over development.  Other programs attempt to teach the “Russian way”, simply regurgitating a robotic style of wrestling that fails to wrestlers players an understanding of the decisions they make and stifles individual creativity on the mat. 

 At Coast Wrestling Academy, the emphasis is on giving wrestlers the technical base they need to succeed in a multitude of situations and to have awareness of their surroundings and positions at all times. This skill allows them to evaluate the match by themselves and, eventually, give them the ability to make their own decisions. Rather than limiting a wrestler’s knowledge to a robotic style where the coach is dictating every move, Coast Wrestling Academy teaches a range of tactical knowledge, and how to adjust in light of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual on the mat and the opposition. Through this framework, each individual wrestler learns how to adapt in new match environments with the long-term goal that they will eventually wrestle for higher-level teams outside of Coast.

Group Training Philosophy

At Coast Academy, we adhere to the philosophy that all youth athletes should train only with others of similar skill and experience in wrestling. Training must be specifically designed to meet and challenge the level of each individual wrestler on a Team or in a Camp or Clinic Group.  New wrestlers of any age require small group training (between 6 to 10 wrestlers) in order to receive the personalized attention necessary for developing fundamental wrestling technique and good training habits.  Players with greater technical ability should train with others of similar skill in order to begin developing a tactical understanding of the sport.  At Coast Wrestling Academy, each Group is only as large (or as small) as necessary to maximize the effectiveness of training. 







Principles of Development


Stages of Framework


Phases of Competetion