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 At Coast Wrestling Academy, we strive to provide the highest level of coaching available.  The Academy’s Coaching Staff have themselves competed at a highly competitive level.We believe it is extremely important for young wrestlers to be exposed to many different coaches and coaching styles throughout their development. All of our coaches rotate among each of the Academy programs and CW Academy strives to bring in top level professional and international coaches from around the world to work with our youth wrestlers.

Frank Mensah



Program Director

Ohmid Farahani



Academy Coach

International Coach

Jason Jahani



Academy Coach

International Coach

Coaching mentor-ship and apprentice Program


Learn how to the most effective coach the coast way

Introducing the coaching mentorship and apprentice program at Coast Wrestling Academy.  Coast Wrestling Academy coaches are some of the most sought after wrestling coaches in Canada. Why, because of Coast's unique program and system for delivering elite performance.  

Many communities consider coaches next to "god" for the impact they have on the outcome of the lives of the people they are responsible for.  At coast we are serious about coaching and believe its the razors edge difference in the lives of young men and women.  

Interested in becoming a Coast Academy Coach contact us today to learn more.